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    Like a recurring bad dream, the doll Annabelle is heard in the halls for the fourth time in four years. Introduced by producer James Wan after the success of their bloody and evil films “Saw”, the smile freezes wrist not very natural, and the eyes tend to attack people when the lights went out their star of the movies.

    But none of these films was as sinister as they should be. Now “Annabelle Creation” gives this little devil doll Prequel sensitively worrying and disturbs her deserve. The first films were never so deliciously twisted. Buckle your seatbelt or cause this moaning, feminine supernatural thriller centers the pants frightened.

    David F. Sandberg Director and author Gary Dauberman understand that the best way to evoke the anxiety of the hearing is to different emotional states a step at a time to cross. First, build a false rest good characters introduction to take care of. Progress in the tension that is hidden in signs that something somewhere in our substitute is on the screen. Then pick up the tempo, change the Redline Overdrives with a terrible full dam and reach at full speed the finish line.

    Anthony LaPaglia gives a unadorned performance that Samuel Mullins, a manufacturer of dolls made of ceramics, wood, hair and fabric. It is a successful company with a man in his forties Barbie and lives happily with his wife and 7 year old daughter, bee, a large country house. The Mullinses are good, church people, their faith highlighted by crucifixes along the film. But when a misfortune hits, their prayers for discharge are answered in a far from the divine way.

    Years after this disaster, Samuel and his wife opened their home and solitary great friendly nun six orphan girls and their superiors. The building is now decayed, with floors that crease and a childrens room with a door frame creased by the growth of bizarre marks. This room is always locked, but the girls are curious.

    The entire form has presence and depth. Talitha Bateman is heartbreaking as a sweet girl delayed by Polio.

    Although only a few innovative or ingenious, this work shows torn. It has been developed rapidly well done and really cold nightmare.


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