Like a recurring bad dream, the doll Annabelle is heard in the halls for the fourth time in four years. Introduced by producer James Wan after the success of their bloody and evil films “Saw”, the smile freezes wrist not very natural, and the eyes tend to attack people when the lights went out their […]

It seems that the movie Terminator franchise is finally in the right direction. According to the mirror, the actor Arnold Schwarznegger is ready to return the popular Sci-Fi series “Terminator” with the sixth film. Actors 69 years, shared in Cannes, talked recently that producer James Cameron discussed the sequel to the blockbuster series. He said, […]

Alien: Covenant takes all its joints: an understanding of the size and extent that few other directors can provide a style of narrative and a master of tension, all fused with a strong sense of evil. Watching his powerful filmography: includes Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, Blade Runner, and The Martian (Kot and 2014 Exodus: Gods […]